Bouchard Finlayson Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how we collect, process, and share your information across our platforms including our website, social media platforms, written documents, or any other technology that you may use to communicate with us. This is also applicable to any services Bouchard Finlayson (Pty) Ltd or you may use to deliver or receive our products and services to you. Bouchard Finlayson (Pty) Ltd endeavours to continuously improve the platforms and how we market our products and services to you. We use the information we collect amongst others to ensure that you get a personalised experience and that you only receive relevant information from us. We shall take reasonable steps to protect your personal information. We may electronically and in written document collect, store and use your personal information as indicated in this Privacy Policy (if you don't consent to this, please do not access or register on our Platforms). We offer our products and services globally, as such, we are committed to comply with local and international data privacy legislation, including the General Data Privacy Regulations (“GDPR”).